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We use natural vegetable tanned leather. 100% chemical-free. Therefore it stays alive and it will age beautifully over time.


Yes, that is our real name; Butts and Shoulders. Named after the best parts of a leather hide. And from these best parts we make our products. We use only natural vegetable tanned leather. 100% chemical-free. Therefore it stays alive and it will age beautifully over time. We work only with the most trusted and gifted partners, so we provide you with the best handmade products you can imagine. We invite you to join us on our journey…

This is how the Virgin Leather will age over time...

This is how our natural leather will age over time…

Butts and Shoulders – The Boots from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.


Our Worker Bag @ Uwe van Afferden

September 22, 2016


Our All Natural Bee Wax Leather Care is coming!

September 22, 2016


Our Worker Bag at our retailer M-Perception.

September 22, 2016


The magic ageing process

September 1, 2016


Owner Update by Marc (Boots #82)

August 31, 2016


Re-post: happy customer @pimbokmans

August 10, 2016


We’re now in our factory in Portugal for our 2nd production run.

July 22, 2016


Thanks @the_heritage_post_ for the feature

July 22, 2016


Waiting in Amsterdam catching the ferry boat.

March 29, 2016



March 24, 2016


Great owner update by @iphotos_78 via Instagram.

March 22, 2016


Great owner update of @bentenhove (#43).

March 20, 2016


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Butts and Shoulders is our synonym for cows. They are raised as livestock for meat, dairy products and leather. They gave us so much, therefore we owe them. With great dignity and respect we develop and create products that derive from this beautiful animal. And we challenge craftsmen all over the world to team up with us! For the love of cows, let’s spread the uniqueness of crafts.

For the love of cows, we challenge craftsmen all over the world to team up with us.


"The Travel Bag is an ode to the aging virgin leather, full of details, and the construction is top notch."

− Denimhunters.com

"In every detail I feel the passion. All the bits and pieces come together beautifully in this bag. "

− Charles Bergmans - Famous shoe designer

"Butts and Shoulders is a brand to watch!"

− Nieke Mulder in De Metro

"A few days ago I received the #1 Butts and Shoulders bag. I can’t wait for the trips season to begin so that I can start showing off this fantastic piece of art around the world!"

− Amilcar Monteiro - Owner of Fly Londen and Softinos

"Butts and Shoulders might not be the prettiest name, but this new design house from Holland makes some genuinely beautiful creations."

− The Square Mile


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