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In our Butts and Shoulders Webshop you can find all our products. Made of natural vegetable tanned leather, because we feel strong about the authentic feel of the leather. Tanned with vegetable materials and without any chemicals, it is a all natural product. Therefore the leather will change color over time. As a result a beautiful personal patina will start to appear during the wear. When your leather garment arrives at your doorstep the leather is completely untouched. Because you will use it, travel with it and expose it to the elements, the natural look will change over time. Hence, they  will get more beautiful every day! Designed in the Netherlands an made in limited quantities. If you have any questions, feel free to mail us at info@buttsandshoulders.com. Our products:

It all started with our bags. When you want to travel in style the Travel Bag is the bag for you. It will definitely gain some attention when you walk by the hallways. For the day-to-day activities like work the Worker Bag is your perfect companion. It can easily fit a laptop or ipad and there is enough space to fit in some important folders or your lunch. For the quick getaways, the Postbag fits the bill. Grab this bag and hop on your bike for a quick commute.

Travel Bag  Worker Bag  Post Bag

When you decide to purchase a pair of boots or sneakers, you will start the journey of your own personal leather patina. The natural tanned leather will change over time and it will gain a warmer and richer tone over time. Like all of our products. With our leather care products you can nourish this patina and make sure your leather crafted goods will last for a lifetime.