We believe in slow fashion. 

We started ‘Butts and Shoulders’ two years ago. The brand is founded because as friends we wanted to share our passion about authenticity, craftsmanship and durable products which stand for a lifetime. We don’t like mass productions, because we truly believe in slow fashion.

No concessions, limited quantities.

With our ‘Butts and Shoulders’ brand we want to develop products which are unique and outstanding. Our products are born because we couldn’t find them in the stores. That’s why we decided to make them by ourselves. Because of our experience in the fashion, footwear and lifestyle industry this was a natural step for us. Creating only the best of the best. No concessions. To create the best and unique is our main goal.

The more you use our products, the more beautiful they will get.

Since all of our ‘Butts and Shoulders’ products are made of 100% natural vegetable tanned leather, we don’t use any chemicals. The moment you unpack our products, the unique age-ing process will start. By using it, touching it and even by exposing it to daylight the looks of our products will change. Therefore, the more you will use it, the more beautiful it will get. Like a true friendship that will grow over time. The ‘Butts and Shoulders’ leather crafted goods will be your buddy for the rest of your life. Together with the best partners we have developed our products. Designed in Holland and made in Portugal. We consequently try to serve you the best and most of all, we want to delight you with products that are designed and developed with great care and a keen eye for detail.


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slow fashion

Great example of slow fashion; a new pair of Butts and Shoulders Boots compared to a pair of one year old.


Cheers, The Butts and Shoulders team / Hans, Jose, Dirk & Wouter

 The more you use our products, the more beautiful they will get. This is because of our natural leather. Leather in it’s purest form. We call it slow fashion.


Butts and Shoulders – The Boots from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.