Our re-use program is called Boots for Boots. It is an essential part of our brand because it enforces our belief in slow fashion. For a consumer slow fashion comes down to two things; 1. buy less and buy durable. And 2; Repair if you can and don’t waste. We, as a leather crafted goods brand, design products that can be repaired, we use the best materials, we work with likeminded partners and we promote the option of re-use. Let us explain how:


1. If you buy a new natural tanned pair of boots (Classic or Heritage) you are automatically part of the Boots for Boots program, because…
2. You use your product for as long as you like. Maybe even forever. But if you decide to stop using it…
3. You can return it to us and we give you a 50%(!) discount on a new natural tanned product (footwear or bag).

4. Your returned product will be totally refreshed and maybe even repaired by a cobbler to make it as new.
5. We sell the refreshed product in our webshop with your story attached and the full repair-report of the cobbler.



By being part of the Boots for Boots program, you:

  • Ensure yourself of a quality garment that will last for a very long time (slow fashion)
  • Guarantee yourself of the option to buy in on newly developed leather crafted goods at a 50% discount
  • Give another one the possibility to buy quality goods at a lower price (the returned product will be sold at a lower price in our shop)

Best regards, the Butts and Shoulders Team

Feel free to chat with us about the Boots for Boots program