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Denim connects people. Same as authentic durable products like our Butts and Shoulders leather items. Last weekend a bunch of denimheads organized their first edition of The Hague Denim Hang. A gathering for likeminded denimheads who are sharing their love for blue jeans. Next to jeans they have a strong connection and passion for boots too, so our Butts and Shoulders Goodyear Welted boots fits perfect with these blue outfits. We asked the organizers @rikslvdg and @thehaguedenim to write a recap about this first edition. Thanks a lot! Enjoy the fades on your jeans and the ageing process of our leather boots too.

The Hague Denim Hang

Last weekend the first The Hague Denim Hang was a fact. At the Amsterdam Denim Days the first plans were made to plan a get together with likeminded denimheads. The first attempt failed miserably due to horrible planning at our end. To make the second try a great success we, @rikslvdg and @thehaguedenim, teamed up together and decided to take three months for promotion.

On Saturday April 13th thirteen guys showed up at @kompaan_beer in The Hague. When you invite a bunch of people you never know what will happen or who will show up. We were surprised that the first The Hague Denim Hang was an International one. We welcomed a guy in blue from Belgium and two denimheads from Germany in a big Camper Van! It’s fun to see how different everybody’s background is but with one great denim passion. There were denim enthusiasts, people in the business with their own webshop, salesman and a bespoke denim tailor. A skilled denim doctor and some instagram denim guys! 

Kompaan Craft Beer

Like we said we gathered at the Kompaan Craft Beer Bar in The Hague. A few years ago two local dudes started this brewery and nowadays they are located in an old industrial area. The bar was crowdfunded and is situated near the city centre, with a big terrace right across a cement factory. They always have twenty beers on tap and a variety of food to go with it. The perfect spot for a Denim Hang!

When denim dudes come together and put beer in their hands, you can be sure about a few things. There will be fun, laughter and a lot of very serious denim talk. Also, the other guests at the bar won’t know wat hit them. A bunch of bearded adults in blue outfits acting like schoolgirls, taking pictures of crazy moves (#dointheende) and their outfits.

Fun fact, there were only 2 brands of boots represented at our denim hang; @buttsandshoulders and @redwingheritage. Great to compare models and patina!

Words never tell the whole story, pictures speak louder! The first annual international The Hague Denim Hang Crew:

@edwin028 (@dutchdenimrepair)

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