On this page we highlight all the great patina’s that our customers have created with their footwear. Together with these supporters of slow we try to promote a new way of consumption and care.

  • Name: Jeffry Lek
  • Age: 42
  • City & Country: The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Instagram ID: @thehaguedenim
  • Boots style: Heritage boots
  • Boots age: 18 months (started October 2018)
  • Boots treatment: Smiths leather balm every 4 months
  • Laces: Pisgah Range LTD.
  • Other treatments: none yet.
  • Name: Apon
  • Age: 30
  • City & Country: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Instagram ID:apon228
  • Boots style: Heritage Boots
  • Boots age: 18 months
  • Boots treatment: none yet
  • Name:Jeroen Gerits
  • Age: 40
  • City & Country:Weert, the Netherlands
  • Instagram ID: @jeroenjaygerits
  • Boots style: the Classic Boots
  • Boots from:  June 2018 (22 months old)
  • Boots treatment: Sentz Beezwax
Nils of Ende Denim with Worker Boots
  • Name: Nils
  • Age: 50
  • City & Country: Hamburg, Germany
  • iG ID: @ende_denim
  • Style: Worker Boots
  • Age: 2 months
  • Treatment: none yet
  • Name: Dirk Hens
  • Age: 36
  • City & Country: Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands
  • Instagram ID: @dirkhens
  • Boots style: Worker boots
  • Boots age: 8 months daily use (started September 2019)
  • Boots treatment: Butts and Shoulder Bee Wax Care Kit (a little wax every few weeks)
  • Other treatments: none yet.
  • Name: Patrick Speijers
  • Age: 46
  • City & Country: Arnhem, The Netherlands
  • Boots Style: Classic Boots
  • Boots Age: 33 months (starting date: 1st of July 2017)
  • Boots Treatment: Twice a year a B&S wax
  • Name: Moritz Fuchs
  • Age: 30
  • City & Country: Munich, Germany
  • Instagram ID: newheritage_festival
  • Boots style: Classic Boot
  • Boots age: about 2 Years
  • Boots treatment: balm from a small market in munich
  • Name: Felice Iovino
  • Age: 58
  • City & Country: Winterthur, Switzerland
  • Instagram ID: @iovinocloth
  • Boots style: Heritage Boots
  • Age: 20 months (start: September 2018)
  • Boots treatment: Various good shoe waxes
  • Name: Mike Clemens
  • Boots style: Worker Boots
  • Age: 16 months (start: December 2018)
  • Name: John Verhoeven aka Mercy John (www.mercyjohn.com)
  • City & Country: Veghel, The Netherlands
  • Instagram ID:@mercyjohnmusic
  • Boots style: Classic Black Boots
  • Age: 35 months (start: June 2017)
  • Boots Treatment: A new sole twice
  • Name: Anthony Diks
  • Instagram ID: @anthony.diks
  • Boots style: Classic Boots
  • Age: 51 months (start: January 2016)
  • Boots Treatment: A new sole and several waxes
  • Name: Rik van Coolwijk
  • Age: 34
  • City & Country:The Hague, Netherlands
  • Instagram ID:@rikslvdg
  • Boots style: Classic Boots
  • Age: 14 months (start: January 2019)
  • Boots treatment: Smith’s leather balm


Read about our insights in the world of slow fashion on our blog. If you have any suggestions for posts…let us know via dirk@buttsandshoulders.com. We are more than happy to promote great events, slow brands or craftsmen/women who share the same passions as we do.

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