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In the five year of our existence we have committed ourselves to deliver the best quality footwear. To ensure this, we have been on several quests in Portugal to find the best manufacturing partners. What this means, is that we talk and discus about our designs and the struggles that our designs bring. Because we are still a relatively small brand, we have an extra hurdle to cross in these conversations…does a manufacturer believe in us and do they share our values? They have to feel our vision and our dedication. And to be fair, a manufacturer has to invest as much as we do in time, knowledge and knowhow. We do not only want a manufacturing partner. We want a business partner. That is how important the quests in Portugal were, and still are to us. In every step that we take.

Double stitch on the leather foxing

Back to the sneakers. Our design, with the double stitched leather foxing, was never been seen. Although the construction in itself is known, the combination with the model we wanted wasn’t. The double stitch, with extra room between both stitches was not possible on existing machines. The handful of manufacturers we found, made prototypes and only one could deliver the quality we desired. Unfortunately, this particular manufacturer went bankrupt several months ago. We couldn’t re-stock our most beloved, and most sold product. In the aftermath of this news, we discussed our options. We already knew the model was hard to produce and earlier prototypes turned out to be cheeky. New contacts and conversations acknowledged our earlier conclusions…we couldn’t guarantee quality. We made the hard decision to discontinue the sneaker from our footwear portfolio.

Latest stock goes to cultizm.com

In the five years of our existence it was the first piece of footwear that we have to cancel, and this was not an easy decision. It was a loved piece by our customers and a great addition to our boots. The patina on the sneakers was awesome and the feedback we received was such a joy. Our latest stock was completely sold to cultizm.com, a great partner of us. There are some sizes left, so make sure to check out their latest stock.

A new model by the end of the year

To finish off…let us share some great news. We are in the midst of an awesome new footwear development which we know you will love. We think it can beat the sneakers in lovability, comfort and style. A well-known manufacturer partner is secured for the new model and they meets our standards. So, by the end of this year, a completely new model will be added to our portfolio. One little hint…we are going Goodyear! Strong as hell, awesome craftsmanship and easily repairable, so in total a very durable new model. So stay tuned.   

Want to know when we release the new model?

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