Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


It is possible that something is not clear on the website of Butts and Shoulders. Uncertainty about shipping or about slow fashion. In order to avoid this, we have drawn up the frequently asked questions. We have put these questions together below.


General questions

How is the leather tanned?
The leather is tanned in a natural way. This means that no chemicals are used during the tanning process. A consequence of this is that the leather is natural.

What does natural tanned leather mean?
This has to do with the way the leather is tanned. The leather is tanned without the use of chemicals. This gives the leather its beige colour and discolours it when the leather is used.

What does slow fashion mean?
Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. The point is that the focus is on quality and not on time. Slow fashion is a part of your lifestyle, you are conscious of the environment and the core value of sustainability means a lot to you. For more information about slow fashion, see our page about slow fashion.

How can I treat the leather?
If you have purchased leather products, these should be treated differently from products made of plastic, for example. Leather requires more attention in order to stay as beautiful as possible. You can treat the leather products with wax. In addition, there are several protection sets to be purchased. We at Butts and Shoulders recommend that you take a look at our care products. These products ensure enjoying your products for a long time.

Are all footwear styles re-soleable?
Yes, all footwear styles are. Even the Goodyear Welted system is re-soleable. To support this, we have compiled a list of cobblers in the Netherlands and Germany.


Is it possible to ship worldwide?
Yes, it is. The products are shipped free of charge when the order-amount exceeds 100€. If it is less than 100€, the shipping-cost are for the receiver. The shipping-cost vary per country, below is a small overview:
Netherlands and Germany: under 10 euro.
Europe (no Netherlands and Germany): Between 10 and 30 euro.
Outside Europe and no EU countries: Between 25 and 40 euro.

What do you have to do if you want to return a product?

What’s the return address?
Butts and Shoulders BV
Oranjeplein 6-C
5175 BE Loon op Zand
The Netherlands

What are the costs of returning the products?
The return costs are at the expense of the customer. The costs can be requested at the local post office.


How can I determine my size?
It is recommended to measure your foot. Then we created a table where you can check the size of your foot with the corresponding size of the shoe. For more information about the sizing of the shoes, we recommend to take a look at our blog about the sizing of our footwear.

How do the sizes compare to brands like Red Wing?
If you have a pair of shoes from Red Wing, it is recommended that you take the same size. Experience has shown that the sizes are broadly the same.

How can I determine the size of the belts?
We measure from the end of the belt to the middle hole (of five). Below is an illustration of how it should be measured.

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