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Leather Sneakers

Why we discontinued our sneakers

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In the five year of our existence we have committed ourselves to deliver the best quality footwear. To ensure this, we have been on several quests in Portugal to find...

Our trip to the Trade Shows in Berlin

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Last week we went to Berlin to visit the trade shows to check out the upcoming Spring Summer 2020 collections. After Pitti in Florence, Berlin is the city to go…

Douwe Bob Goes Butts and Shoulders

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Our New Fans One of our latest Butts and Shoulders fans is Dutch musician Douwe Bob. In fact, not only Douwe is a fan, his entire band fell in love…

The First Edition Of The Hague Denim Hang

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Denim connects people. Same as authentic durable products like our Butts and Shoulders leather items. Last weekend a bunch of denimheads organized their first edition of The Hague Denim Hang….

Boots For Boots

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It’s already more than 3 years ago that we launched our first pair of boots. The boots are named Classic Boots as these are our ultimate classics, our all-time favorite…

Jeffry Lek – Meet the Person behind the Boots

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Jeffry Lek The Hague, The Netherlands Age: 41 Instagram ID: thehaguedenim Number of Instagram followers: 17.000 Daily work: Master of Advanced Nursing Practice in Mental Health  My name is Jeffry Lek and I…

Matthias Hampel – Meet the Person behind the Boots

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Matthias Hampel Taipei, Taiwan- born in Germany Age: 36 Instagram ID: stranded_in_taiwan Number of Instagram followers: 500 Daily work: General Manager of the branch office of a German chemical company I am…

Thorsten Kacsich – Meet the Person behind the Boots

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Name: Thorsten Kacsich Living in village & country: Düsseldorf, Germany Age: 56 Daily work: teacher, mathematics and physics I am a physicist. I worked at universities and companies in the…

Ryan Cheng – Meet the Person behind the Boots

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Ryan Cheng Living in Taipei, Taiwan Age: 29 Instagram ID: apon228 Number of Instagram followers: 1.700 Daily work: Wireless Communication Engineer My name is  Ryan Cheng  from Taipei Taiwan, I love all kinds…

Brian Hawkins – Meet the Person behind the Boots

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Brian Hawkins aka BootHunter Living in the mountains and desert of San Diego California, USA Age: 46 Instagram ID: BootHunter Number of Instagram followers: 27.000 Website: BootHunterBlog Daily work: university…

Goodyear Welted, why is this method so good?

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  It is a well-known phenomenon in the world of shoes, the Goodyear Welted method. But for many this is an unknown concept. What does it mean exactly? And why…

Hans Boons; our creative mind

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Butts and Shoulders is a special brand that operates different than usual. This is partly due to the initiator Hans Boons (58 years old). He came up with the idea…

Fashion retailers; seven successful shops

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It has been a tough time for fashion retailers, because of declining visitors and the rise of online webshops. Several retailers who have survived the tough period, did this by…

Four reasons why you should consider wearing slow fashion

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"Slow fashion is trending. More and more people are believing in it. But what does it mean? And why do we think you should consider it?" Slow fashion stands for...

Accessoires of Butts and Shoulders, details create perfection

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The shoes and bags of Butts and Shoulders are the most highlighted products. But Butts and Shoulders wouldn’t be Butts and Shoulders without all the beautiful accessories. The accessories complete...

How to treat your Vegetable tanned leather shoes with care?

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In order to answer the question properly, it is important to know what vegetable tanned leather ( (also called natural leather) exactly is. Vegetable tanning is a natural tanning process...

Vintage Look; Five Must Haves

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Keep you pants up in style Talking about a vintage look... suspenders are one of the most typically worn accessories for men at the beginning of the last century. In...

A leather bag for every occasion

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Gentlemen, let’s face it. Leather bags for men are a very popular accessory for fashionable men, stylish and practical. Whether you are a successful businessman, someone who likes to create…

Lacing leather boots; create your own style

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In this blog we take a look how you can make your boots or shoes even more unique by snaring your laces. There are several ways to tie your laces,…

We Proudly Present Our New Heritage Boots

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We Proudly Present Our New Heritage Boots Everyone needs a big brother. We decided to give our very successful Classic Boots a follow-up. We launched our Classic Boots three years ago,...