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On October the 15th, The Magnificent 5 were chosen out of countless registrations, and we kicked-off our ageing contest with our latest family member, our Chelsea boots. The Magnificent 5 are going to rock our new family member for 5 months to experience the ageing process of our natural vegetable tanned leather.


Meet The Magnificent 5

A round applause for The Magnificent 5:

• @barberbirdman
• @edge_of_raw
• @masterofoptics
• @ruff.de.nimes
• @alex.theblacksmith


How does it work

Each participant will update us all by showing regularly (at least twice a month) with update picture(s). After 5 months of wear, on the 5th of March, The Magnificent 5 will send their Chelsea boots back to us, we will photograph them and we will upload them here so you can vote on your most beautiful aged pair. The winner with the most votes will receive our ultimate travel buddy, our Weekender bag!! 🏆

Our Wall of Fade

The worn Chelsea boots will be on display in our to open new atelier and showroom in Loon op Zand, The Netherlands, at our Wall of Fade, so you can always come by and check them out in real life. The boots are send out, so soon The Magnificent 5 can start their journey. Let the games begin! 💪 To be continued…

Follow The Magnificent 5

Follow all the updates of The Magnificent 5 on our Instagram feed here: https://www.instagram.com/buttsandshoulders 


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