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Name: Shaun Bastiaans

City + Country: Geleen; The Netherlands

Instagram ID: @edge_of_raw

Can you introduce yourself? Who’re you and what are you doing in daily life?

I am a husband and a father of three and proud English Bulldog owner. I work as a spare parts coordinator at a company which manufactures machines for cheese processing. In my spare time I like to play guitar, do some hiking and training for my Indonesian martial art.


If you take a look at your clothing style, can you describe what you like to wear yourself? 

Raw, rugged and vintage.


What is the first impression of our Chelsea boots so far?

Superb quality leather which ages fast; Nice bouncy rubber crepe soles; because of the fact you cannot tie these boots a little movement of the foot is insurmountable.


Were you already known about (our) natural vegetable-tanned leather? What makes it so special in your opinion? 

Yes, I already purchase a couple Butts and Shoulders items such as the card holder and the key fob. This leather will age very quickly and forms its own patina and character.


Where do you like to shop? Can you share some of your favorite store spots (offline/online)? 

Inherent to the pandemic, mostly I shop online. This varies from Vinted to my favorite denim brand Brave Star Selvage. I also like brands like Bronson Mfg and Red Wing.


What kind of music do you like to listen to? 

My absolute music favorite remains 90’s hip hop. However I have a varied taste in music so I also like to listen to reggae, blues, rock etc.


If you could add (or design) another footwear style to our collection, which one is on top of your list, and why? 

I would like to see a moc toe boot like the Red Wing 875 or 877. These are my favorite Red Wing models and these are not available in veg tan leather. I would like to see how such model will age


Why do you think you’re going to win this battle, and be the true Magnificent 5 gentleman? 

For now it is can go all directions. Alex the Blacksmith just received his boots last week. Ruff de Nimes received his boots one week later than all Dutch contestants. Depending on all different factors I expect Alex the blacksmith to stand a good chance. Due to his profession, place of residence, the environment and the climate there, I expect the leather to age faster. But this is only just an estimate though.


If you could be someone else for just one day, who would you be and why?

That would be Barack Obama. I see him as a charismatic man with a beautiful appearance and energy. The fact that he is the 1st president of African-American descent is something I see as a milestone in American history.

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