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Name: Boudewijn Jurriaans      

City + Country: Haarlem, Netherlands           

Instagram ID: @barberbirdman


Can you introduce yourself? Who’re you and what are you doing in daily life?

My name is Boudewijn Jurriaans, 36 years old, and I own a barbershop and I am an international barbering educator.

If you take a look at your clothing style, can you describe what you like to wear yourself? 

I tend to wear a lot of selvedge denim on a daily basis, but I don’t shy away from tailormade suits either. 


What is the first impression of our Chelsea boots so far?

The leather is surprisingly supple and the sole is very comfortable. The shoes fits well and there was not a lot of breaking in involved. I broke my collarbone a few days into this challenge and these were the only shoes I could put on with one arm, so that indicates to me how easy they are to wear.

Were you already known about (our) natural vegetable-tanned leather? What makes it so special in your opinion?

I own a natural vegetable tanned wallet and I love the indigo bleeding and patina after a year of every day use. Wearing these Chelsea Boots is a joy as I see the patina growing into it week after week.

Where do you like to shop? Can you share some of your favorite store spots (offline/online)? 

One of my favorite shops is in the same street as my barbershop: Arborator Denim Company. Amazing selection of dry selvedge denims, tops and accessories.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I am mostly into anything between bluegrass and metal. I play guitar myself and would love to learn how to play the banjo as well.


If you could add (or design) another footwear style to our collection, which one is on top of your list, and why?

A simple slipper/loafer style to wear in summer!

Why do you think you’re going to win this battle, and be the true Magnificent 5 gentleman?

As I wear these boots on a daily basis in the barbershop, the fade and patina are growing quick and i think the end result will be epic!

If you could be someone else for just one day, who would you be and why?

I’d love to be our French Bulldog Sjaak for one day. Just hanging out at the shop, sleep, eat, fart and go for many walkies!


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