Movies of our products

We feel great pride in making our leather crafted goods. For our boots and sneakers we have made special movies about the production process and our vision behind the development.

The Heritage Boots:

We proudly introduce to you the goodyear welted Heritage Boots. Designed in the Netherlands, made in Portugal. To ensure the highest quality we use natural products for the tanning of our leather. An amazing patina will appear if you start using these boots. And don’t be shy. Use them. Use them good. With a fully customized sole these boots are extremely durable and they can take all weather conditions. Just make sure you cherish your leather with the best wax products to ensure your patina will shine.

The Sandals:

We at Butts and Shoulders have given ourselves the goal to bring a little bit of ‘slow’ to the world. Slow fashion, slow living. So meet new people and find new adventures. Not for the sake of traveling or expanding your network, but for the sake of having no agenda. Do what feels right. With our sandals, we have designed and produced a leather crafted good that feels right. We invite you to get truly out-of-office and into sandals. Everybody needs some time to unwind once in a while. No fancy business meetings or jibber jabber chats, just you and your gut-feeling. Let nature take over for a while. Show us via Instagram what beautiful beaches you visited with your sandals. Cheers, the Butts and Shoulders Team.

The Classic Boots:




Butts and Shoulders – The Boots from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.

Yes, that is our real name; Butts and Shoulders. Named after the best parts of a leather hide. And from these best parts we make our products. We use only natural tanned virgin leather. 100% chemical-free. Therefore it stays alive and it will age beautifully over time. We work only with the most trusted and gifted partners, so we provide you with the best handmade products you can imagine.
We’re starting a new chapter; we introduce to you ‘The Boots’. Our ultimate boot is handmade in sunny Portugal, made from genuine vegetable tanned leather with the classic Goodyear Welted construction. Just like our bags our boots are all hand numbered. The leather will age very nice over time, the more you use them the more beautiful they will get. A high-quality boot that stands a lifetime.

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The Sneakers:

Butts and Shoulders – The Sneakers from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.

After the introduction of the boots, we knew that we wanted to challenge ourselves again. We felt the urge to add yet another family member to our portfolio. We wanted to make our very own interpretation of one of the most anticipated shoe-styles of modern history; the sneaker. And this is what we have done. Our goal was to reduce noise because nowadays sneakers have become synthetic status symbols. This evolvement undermines the fact that the silhouette of sneakers, from her origin, is a rather humble and modest one. With our design, we have paid homage to an icon.

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Unique designs and old crafts from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.

With our natural leather and the all leather foxing on our sneakers, we have come up with a unique garment. It combines the dynamics of a sneaker with the style of all leather garments. Your sneakers will create their very own patina over time.


We knew we wanted to come up with our own solutions… from Butts and Shoulders on Vimeo.

When we decided to design and develop our sneakers, we made an agreement that we would make them unique. From the sole to the laces, all elements of our sneakers are custom made. We knew we wanted to come up with our own solutions. And because of our focus on the details, we have managed to create our very own icon.