Goodyear Welted

For the highest durability


Natural tannins

as a valid alternative to chemicals


Designed in The Netherlands

Constructed in Portugal

Free shipping worldwide for orders over €100,-
Our tanning partners use natural ingredients instead of chemicals
European based brand from design to production

The Monkey Boots

The Heritage Boots

The Belts

The Worker Boots

The Sandals

The Classic Boots

I now wear the Heritage Boots from the 5th of October about 5 days a week. They are flexible and light to wear, waterproof and sturdy at the same time.

@thehaguedenimHeritage Boots

The stitching of the boot is flawless as well as the overall craftsmanship.

@strandedintaiwan (verified owner)Classic Boots

After almost 8 months of constant wear my boots I have a very nice patina. The thickness of the leather is just perfect to give a sturdy feel without causing any pain, but keep their shape.

Jeroen GeritsOwner of classic boots

Absolutely in love with my boots. I have been wearing them non-stop since my purchase about a month ago. I can already see a nice patina forming.

Thomas (verified owner)Classic Boots

The Weekender

Our news

October 28, 2020

New 42mm belts on stock

The time has come again. A stock stuffing. Because of the the big interest in our 42mm bells we decided to add some color. The 42mm-version (next to the 31mm's) was...
About our BrandBehind the Boots
September 2, 2020

Meet our inspiring ambassador; Ben ten Hove

Because we are so grateful to our fantastic ambassadors we have decided to share the stories behind these ambassadors with you. In this edition Ben ten Hove, an inspiring, authentic…

About our BrandBehind the BootsLeatherheads
April 22, 2020

From cobblers to care kits

Our products are the core of our brand. And we take good care of them. From care kits to a cobbler network. We make sure you have all the tools…

About our Brand
April 11, 2020

Leather, tanneries, design and production; all in Europe

Our first product ever produced more than six years ago, the travelbag, was 100% made in The Netherlands. So, from making the pattern, cutting the leather, stitching the bags, hand…

Slow Fashion with our Leather Crafted Goods 

We founded ‘Butts and Shoulders’ six years ago. As friends we wanted to share our passion for authenticity, craftsmanship and durable leather crafted goods. No mass productions, because we truly believe in slow fashion. With our ‘Butts and Shoulders’ brand we develop products which are unique and outstanding. Our products are born because we couldn’t find them in the stores. That’s why we decided to make them by ourselves. Because of our experience in the fashion, footwear and lifestyle industry this was a natural step for us. Creating only the best. No concessions. Feel free to have a look at our movies-page to learn more about us and our brand. Best regards, the Butts and Shoulders team.