Named after the best parts of a leather hide; the butts and the shoulders. We use chemical-free, vegetable tanned leather from Europe. Our goods are designed in the Netherlands and crafted in Portugal. Live slow and start your own patina.


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Behind the Boots
February 27, 2019

Matthias Hampel – Meet the Person behind the Boots

Matthias Hampel Taipei, Taiwan- born in Germany Age: 36 Instagram ID: stranded_in_taiwan Number of Instagram followers: 500 Daily work: General Manager of the branch office of a German chemical company I am…

Behind the Boots
February 23, 2019

Thorsten Kacsich – Meet the Person behind the Boots

Name: Thorsten Kacsich Living in village & country: Düsseldorf, Germany Age: 56 Daily work: teacher, mathematics and physics I am a physicist. I worked at universities and companies in the…

Behind the Boots
February 14, 2019

Ryan Cheng – Meet the Person behind the Boots

Ryan Cheng Living in Taipei, Taiwan Age: 29 Instagram ID: apon228 Number of Instagram followers: 1.700 Daily work: Wireless Communication Engineer My name is  Ryan Cheng  from Taipei Taiwan, I love all kinds…

Behind the Boots
February 12, 2019

Brian Hawkins – Meet the Person behind the Boots

Brian Hawkins aka BootHunter Living in the mountains and desert of San Diego California, USA Age: 46 Instagram ID: BootHunter Number of Instagram followers: 27.000 Website: BootHunterBlog Daily work: university…

BenedictOwner of the Natural Boots

“What I Like: The clean look of the boots. The overall shape of the boots. The stages of patina over time and the 360 degree “Goodyear Welted” stitching.”

JeffryOwner of the Heritage Boots

“I now wear the Heritage Boots from the 5th of October about 5 days a week. They are flexible and light to wear, waterproof and sturdy at the same time. This is all very useful because of my daily cycling commute through Dutch weather. ”

ThorstenOwner of the Black Sneakers

“...the feeling is now becoming better and better, and I am even thinking about buying a second pair, maybe now the natural ones.”

MatthiasOwner of the Classic Boots

“Several month ago I stumbled over the Butts and Shoulder boots. It was quite tempting to add an vegtanned boot to my collection, so I didn’t hesitate to order them. ... I was surprised how light but sturdy the boots were. Much lighter than all other boots of my collection.”

ErikOwner of the Natural Sneakers

“Bought myself a pair of Natural Sneakers. Great natural leather, perfect fit and love the personal serial number! A very detailed shoot which shows craftsmanship!”

FennoOwner of the Credit Card Holder

“Great holder! Proud owner for 3 years now and the colours became so cool!”