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Because we are so grateful to our fantastic ambassadors we have decided to share the stories behind these ambassadors with you. In this edition Ben ten Hove, an inspiring, authentic man who makes it his business to repurpose old empty buildings to beautiful locations.


A creative and inspiring man

I meet Ben in the old school furniture factory Galvanitas in Oosterhout. Several ‘hangars’ that made it possible to produce all school furniture in the Netherlands. It is now empty for 2 and a half years and Ben is the man who is the initiator to reallocate the old, charismatic building after a modern attraction in Oosterhout. From the moment I start talking to Ben I notice that I am dealing with a creative, inspiring man. Ben finds a word important in his work as well as in his private life; authenticity. All the projects he runs have to be authentic, there has to be a story behind them and this story has to be right. Ben’s goal is to create places that everyone loves. The total process behind it drives Ben to activate his creative brain. The so-called ‘storytelling’ is incredibly important and is forgotten by many brands according to Ben.

Afbeelding met gras, buiten, auto, person Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

KVL Leerfabriek in Oisterwijk

This is also the case with the inspiring project of the KVL Leerfabriek in Oisterwijk. Ben was the initiator and was responsible for the reuse of this old leather factory (tannery). The result is amazing and this is proof that Ben is a true craftsman. The KVL Leerfabriek has been transformed into a meeting place for young and old where local, authentic entrepreneurs carry out their work (75 companies are settled there). In this way, he tries to create as much value as possible for the customers in all his projects.

Afbeelding met binnen, tafel, gebouw, keuken Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

The story has to be right

Returning to the word authenticity. As indicated, this also affects his private life. For example, Ben was looking for potential authentic owners (tenants) for the KVL Leerfabriek and in his search, he ended up at Butts and Shoulders. After hearing the story of Butts and Shoulders Ben was immediately sold and is a currently proud owner of (almost) all products Butts and Shoulders has. But why then? Ben indicates that the story Butts and Shoulders fits perfectly with his own values. The story has to be right. Don’t go for the cheapest price, go for quality, and for products that have character. All in all, Ben ten Hove and Butts and Shoulders are a perfect match.

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