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20BO is a new menswear clothing brand founded by Bo Broers. Bo is a young twenty-four entrepreneur from Tilburg, The Netherlands. While she’s still a student, studying International Lifestyle Studies, she started her brand. Together with her team of interns, she’s working very hard and passionate to make a collection of clothing that will inspire men. 

Part of the 20BO brand lookbook are our Natural Boots. As we’re sharing the same brand key values as high-quality, sustainability, and as we’re both Dutch, this collaboration was a natural match.

The Collection

Within the 20BO collection, they have a casual, and suits part.

The Casual collection contains Turtle necks, hoodies, trousers, and t-shirts. All with unique details and a twist. In the Suits collection, you can expect items as checked colberts, classy vests with matching pants in beige, green, and blue. Everything you need to look sharp whether you’re going to work, or hanging around at the weekends.

The Concept Of 20BO

The concept of the 20BO brand lookbook and the collection is that they want to encourage men to wear what strengthens their personality in a world where it is very important to distinguish yourself. The casualization trend is going on in society and that means that it is not always necessary to go to work wearing a suit every day, but clothing needs to be representative. That is what 20BO is all about. Mix and match the perfect suit – casual outfit for every occasion. The border between leisure – and working hours are blurred and that is why 20BO offers clothing that men can wear for all occasions.

Made In The Netherlands

The brand is based in The Netherlands, and so is their production, they can guarantee the working conditions of each 20BO team member. Every garment is made in their atelier. Sustainability is one of the key elements of the brand, so they are very keen on the production, and their fabrics. They’re only using recycled fabrics with a quality mark in sustainability.

The collection is now available through their webstore here.

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