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The current situation forces people to slow down. But in fact, we’re slowing down already for 6 years. Our entire brand and collection is based on ‘slow’ and slow fashion. We started with just one product, our ultimate bag. In the previous years, we continued this strategy, and we will do the same, now, and in the future.

The usual way

Normally, collections are designed and produced. Every season, new products and new styles are shipped to the stores. Huge amounts of clothing and footwear drown the shops. To trigger the consumer to buy into the last trend. After a season, the old products are worthless and go to waste. They get burned. And this is not the only waste that is produced. Because for every new season, new materials are harvested from all over the world, which are shipped or will fly all over the world.


Slow fashion starts with making less

We believe that slow starts with less. We go for basics and classics that stand a lifetime. Products that will last long, without any influences of trends or hypes. Unless slow will be a hype 🙂 Products that honor true authentic craftsmanship as our Goodyear Welted construction of our footwear for example, or our bags that are made by hand in very small badges.


Vegetable tanned leather is our core business

We stick to natural vegetable-tanned leather. Leather that is tanned slow. Without any chemicals. We do this to get the best outcome. And it is an important element of our brand DNA. But, as said earlier, it is also to honor the technique, and the passion from the craftsman we work with. In The Netherlands, but also Portugal. Our leather is 100% chemical free. So no harmful toxics will enter the atmosphere and the soil. In most cases, leather is made in countries where chemicals are used for tanning. These chemicals will enter the water facilities and supplies that people and animals use. This can not be the way. We don’t want to be a part of this. That’s why we use leather from Scandinavia, and we produce in Portugal. Small loops. Transparant production processes.

Get yourself a slow wardrobe

It’s a sort of our mission to come with a product each time that is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. An item that people want to add in their collection because it matters. And that will last. So, from the start, we don’t make big collections with a lot of color variations, or different material. At the moment we’re working on a new release which we will proudly present next month. Again, just one single new style. One-color. Another classic and must-have in our opinion. If you haven’t done so, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.

Stay tuned for more info. In the meantime, stay safe! And slow down. Just as we do.

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