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Name: Alex Scheibner

City + Country: Rylstone NSW Australia

Instagram ID: @alex.theblacksmith@alexscheibner

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what are you doing in daily life?       

I’m Alex Scheibner, I’m a blacksmith by Trade and have a second Trade as a Mechanical Fitter. My main work is art. Direct metal sculpture and oil painting. I also make small batch and one off products like jewellery, ironwork, felt hats and leatherwork. I’m very blessed to have a beautiful, talented, creative wife Katy-May and two wonderful kids, Augustus and Amelia.


If you take a look at your clothing style, can you describe what you like to wear yourself?  

I would say my clothing style is half denim warrior and half 1930’s workmen. I love the patina journey of leather and fading denim.


What is the first impression of our Chelsea boots so far?       

Firstly, the natural leather is beautiful, straight from the box comfort and the rubber sole is soft as a cushion. Solid and neat workmanship.


Were you already known about (our) natural vegetable tanned leather? What makes it so special in your opinion?

I’ve been watching Butts and Shoulders on Instagram for a while because of their all natural veg tan leather range. As a huge fan of the patina of natural leather Butts and Shoulders gear is a dream company for me.


Where do you like to shop? Can you share some of your favorite store spots (offline/online)?    

I tend to buy from Brave Star Selvage, Mister Freedom and SoSo Brothers online because I’m a few hours away from any large towns. I’ve been heading over to Molong Stores for grooming products since they opened.


What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Mostly artists with a vintage vibe like Orville Peck, Nathanial Ratliff, Harry Foxton, JD McPherson and The Black Keys to name a few.


If you could add (or design) another footwear style to our collection, which one is on top of your list, and why?

Oh it would HAVE to be an unstructured toe vintage engineer boot! Slim tall shaft and a half sole.


Why do you think you’re going to win this battle, and be the true Magnificent 5 gentleman? 

Perhaps the harsh Australian sun and being on my feet all day in a blacksmith’s workshop will tip me over the line!


If you could be someone else for just one day, who would you like to be and why? 

I feel very blessed to be me to be honest, but if I had to be anyone else for a day I think it would have to be Sir Anthony Caro the pioneering metal sculptor. Just to spend a day learning how he saw the world and approached his work would be amazing.


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