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Our products are the core of our brand. And we take good care of them. From care kits to a cobbler network. We make sure you have all the tools you need to keep your leather garments in perfect shape.

Good things need extra attention

Everything you cherish in life needs extra attention. Whether it’s your relation or your kids, your favorite old-timer car you own, that fine Swiss collectors watch, or your hand made pair of leather shoes. Every now and then, they need some extra attention. Some extra treatment to ensure they can be your precious for many years to come. Or even, for the rest of your life.

Our cobbler network

Our shoes are of excellent quality. However, it may happen that they need some care over time. Maybe your soles need to be refurbished or the insole needs to be freshened up. Regular care to keep your footwear up and running. To help you, we have compiled a list of great cobblers. These cobblers are certified by us and deliver guaranteed quality. In addition, they can also handle the difficult ‘Goodyear Welted’ system. The list currently consists of cobblers from the Netherlands and Germany. In the course of time, the list will be supplemented.

Treat them well

As our products are made with natural vegetable-tanned leather, they need to be treated every now and then too. This to ‘feed’ the leather to avoid drying out and to avoid rips in the leather. Therefore we developed a special care kit for our products. With this care kit, you can simply extend its lifetime, but above all, you can preserve the beauty of your leather for many years to come.

How does it work?

Step 1: Remove coarse dirt

For example, the boots may have come into contact with mud or other dirt. Our advice is to take this off first. This can be done with a brush. But you can also do this with water. If you do this with water. Let the product dry naturally before you go to the next step. So don’t let the products dry at the heating.

Step 2: Use The Leather Conditioner

Our Leather Conditioner is a care kit that consists of the conditioner and a sponge. Use the sponge to rub the conditioner firmly onto the product. Rub it well so that all leather gets the same amount of conditioner.

Step 3: Let them rest before use

Before using the products again, it is advised to rest for at least 15 minutes. After this, you can enjoy them again ;)!

But there’re more ways to care

Another way to care about your footwear is using our shoe trees. By using these shoe trees you extend the lifetime of your favorite pair too. It’s quit simple by putting them into your shoes at the end of the day. Besides that it shape back the original form of the shoes, these shoe trees also helps for unpleasant odors as they are made of red cedar wood.

Slow care process

This slow care process makes you a step closer to your product. The small details that you normally take for granted are much more noticeable now. And you will appreciate them more than ever. You will build more a bond together, so you will enjoy them more than ever once they had that special treatment. And that’s exactly our goal. That you will cherish your product each day more and more. 

Talking about caring in this period. You can use this method for all your products, but friends and family too of course : )

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