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Showing our prototypes

The nice thing about slowly building a brand, is really putting all your attention and effort in new developments. To do things right, you need to take time. On the other hand, you are eager to come up with new developments because you want to share your enthusiasm. At the New Heritage Festival in December, we showed our latest prototypes (Goodyear Welted Sneakers and Chelsea Boots) for the very first time. A big deal for us.

New developments take time

These kind of developments start months, or sometimes even years earlier. During our meetings we talk about current models, new ambitions and realistic new options. Coming up with a new model is very time- and cost consuming. It starts with a design, but all choices have implications for the production process. It can even mean that new production partners have to be consulted. And when you are a relatively small brand like us, a new partner has to believe in us. This takes time.

The feedback was overwhelming

2020 will be a big year for us with the introduction of two new models; Chelsea Boots and Goodyear Welted Sneakers / High-tops. The feedback we received during the New Heritage Festival were overwhelming. Sure, we already were very happy with the models, but this feedback gave us the confidence that we want to continue with both models.

We want to give you the opportunity to stay updated about the process towards the actual release. Still, a lot of steps have to be taken before we can officially lift the curtains. If you want to follow our developments, please subscribe to our newsletter.

If you subscribe to our newsletter you will also get the latest offers and special introduction discounts. We are thinking about starting an awesome Kickstarter-campaign with great packages. We really want to share our passion with these new models!


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