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Last weekend we participated for the first time at the New Heritage Festival in Dusseldorf. This great two days consumer-focussed indoor festival has its focus on timeless, quality, and unique designs and products. With more than 130 exhibitors this festival is a huge success. They organize two editions a year. Next to Dusseldorf they also have an edition in Munich. This festival is the place to be, and a must-visit for everyone with an interest in durable goods. All of the goods that are displayed stand for a very long time, and sometimes even gets better with age, like our products.

Areal Böhler In Dusseldorf

A display of boots and leather garments at New Heritage Festival Düsseldorf

Our displays with our boots and bags at the New Heritage Festival in Düsseldorf

This time the New Heritage Festival was held in a brand new location at Areal Böhler in Dusseldorf. A great venue with an authentic look and feel, something that fits perfectly with the brands. Areal Böhler is a more than 100 years old venue that used to be a factory. At the factory ground was broken in 1914. Five years later 2,500 people were already working in the factory. As a former location of the steel industry, the Areal Böhler looks back on a long history. With over 18,000 of square meters of space, the venue is suitable for several commercial activities. All the spaces can be interconnected. An additional 10,000 square meters are available for outdoor events.

A True Festival 

During the festival, we met many new enthusiastic consumers that bought our products, and we also met consumers that are a fan of our brand since day one. Next to buying your new favorite item of our collection, or from other exhibitors of course, you could join several workshops, lectures, and tastings too. In the evening they organized a music program with some cool bands, and tasty food, so we drunk a few beers after our first successful participation. We’re looking forward to joining the next one!

New Heritage Festival Magazine

New Heritage Festival Magazine



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