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Meet the person:

  • Ryan Cheng

  • Living in Taipei, Taiwan

  • Age: 29

  • Instagram ID: apon228

  • Number of Instagram followers: 1.700

  • Daily work: Wireless Communication Engineer

My name is  Ryan Cheng  from Taipei Taiwan, I love all kinds of vintage menswear and stuffs ex.denim, boots, leatherjacket and motorcycles. I used to work in fashion industry and now I am a wireless communication engineer.

Which style are you wearing from Butts and Shoulders?

I love workwear style! I think Butts and Shoulders  match my style very well.

What do you like the most on our product?

I love the natural leather you use, the leather looks better when it’s aging. To see the beautiful patina on the boots is absolutely great. I will update the aging process in the future.

Which branchs do you wear (or using) next to ours?

Companion denim & JEANSDA  are two of my favorite brands. They have great details, fabric, stitching and design.

Ryan Cheng

Meet the person; Ryan Cheng

What is your favorite store to shop and why?

I would say JEANSDA Taipei store is my favorite. JEANSDA is one of the best denim brands in Taiwan and the store looks like a vintage tailor shop. I always enjoy  shopping there. 

What’s your favorite city to visit for a weekend trip and why?

Osaka, Japan is my favorite, because there are many beautiful historic building as well as many vintage store to shop.

Do you have a favorite denim brand (or style), if so, which one is it?

I mentioned earlier that Companion denim and JEANSDA are two of my favorite denim brands. When it comes to style, I love early american work style, rocker style and military style.

Where is your inspiration coming from?

There are many stylish persons and photographers on instagram, I learned from them and created my own style.

How much time do you spend on social media? And do you create your own content?

Maybe 1/2 hours per day. I creat my own content. I love to take photos and so does my girlfriend, so we take photos for each others.

Which person do you recommend to folllow on Instagram?

Vintage_engineer_boots, I love his rugged style and great photos.

If you empty your pockets what do we see?

Nothing, i don’t like to put things in the pocket of my jeans. Because if I  put keys or a wallet in my pocket, there will be a wallet- shape fading on the denim.

What’s your favorite inspiratoins quote?

No pains no gains.


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