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  • Brian Hawkins aka BootHunter

  • Living in the mountains and desert of San Diego California, USA

  • Age: 46

  • Instagram ID: BootHunter

  • Number of Instagram followers: 27.000

  • Website: BootHunterBlog

  • Daily work: university Dean and professor, mentor in startup and entrepreneurship


My name is Brian Hawkins and I am first and foremost an explorer. I’ve travelled, studied, and lived in Italy, France, and Denmark as well as South Africa and various parts of the USA. Aside from my teaching, I have started several companies, including and media and branding agency, a volunteer travel business, a fashion tech company, and a startup space for makers. My weekdays and weekends are divided between work at the coast and my homes in the mountain and desert of San Diego California. I collect and love to travel with boots, denim, and other leather goods. I’m also a car fan, favorite brands are BMW and Alfa Romeo. I’m single, have a dog, and am close to family and friends.

Which style are you wearing from Butts and Shoulders?

I have three products from Butts and Shoulders. The Natural Boots, Natural Sneakers, and New Heritage Boots.

What do you like the most on our product?

I really appreciate the high quality, finish, texture, and gauge of the veg tan leather. I also notice the high quality of manufacture and thoughtful attention to the simple design. The comfort is immediate, no break in period as some big brand boots. Also appreciate the fine detail including the very light leather used on the insoles and inner linings. The contrast highlights the patina as it develops on the outside.

Which brands do you wear (or using) next to ours?

Pendleton, Stock Manufacturing, Taylor Stitch, Gustin, Carhartt, Chup Socks, Pisgah Range Ltd Laces

What is your favorite store to shop and why

Berlin – 14oz : Their curation of the products, brands, display and store layout and the history behind the space all combine to create a complete experience. You actually prefer to shop on store rather than online in their case. They also cover life from casual to rugged exploration and work to bespoke.

What’s your favorite city to visit for a weekend trip and why?

In Europe, I would have to say Amsterdam as it has so many diverse places and things to discover, each beautifully framed by the canals. I live the eclectic and elegant mixed with classic and contemporary. The Dutch love openness and their windows are an example of this light and decor and the design on ceilings are something I enjoy when walking the city at night and looking up into the flats.

Do you have a favorite denim brand?

I would say Railcar Fine Goods For Ranger Of fit and finish for all sizes of guys.

Where is your inspiration coming from?

My daily inspiration comes from the variety of environments I live and work in. In San Diego California we have sandy beaches, forested mountains, and cactus filled desert, all less than 2 hours apart. I work by the sea and divide my evenings and weekends among a historic 1930 cabin in the woods and a 1960 mid century modern bungalow in the desert. Natural and built environments provide the backdrop for most of my photos and inspire me to feature certain boots with those places.

How much time do you spend on social media? And do you create your own content?

I would say I spend a couple of hours a day on my social media. I create much of my content beyond the content that I feature from contributors who I reach out to feature. Planning or creating content spontaneously depending on the situation. I really enjoy featuring others as their creativity only adds more depth and breadth to my own content and inspires and influences the style and substance of my content.

Which person do you recommend to follow on Instagram?

I love galleries that include a good dose of the persons lifestyle and surroundings so I’d have to say that @denim_and_whiskey would be the top recommendation for a true blues, true boots, whiskey lover whose images always inspire.

If you empty your pockets what do we see?

iPhone 8 Red Edition, and keys to an Alfa Romeo Giulia and Land Cruiser

What’s your favorite inspiration quote?

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.” – Ancient Proverb

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