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Meet the Person behind the Sneakers:

  • Name: Thorsten Kacsich

  • Living in village & country: Düsseldorf, Germany

  • Age: 56

  • Daily work: teacher, mathematics and physics

Thorsten Kacsich on a red couch and bookshelf in the background. He wears the black leather sneakers and a denim jacket.

Meet the Person; Thorsten Kacsich

I am a physicist. I worked at universities and companies in the US, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Nowadays, I am a teacher for mathematics and physics in a graduate school in Düsseldorf, Germany. I like music and I  play guitar. It would be great if I could sing.


Which style are you wearing from Butts and Shoulders?

The Sneakers.


What do you like the most on our product?

The quality of the products.


Which brands do you wear (or using) next to ours?

Momo shoes.


What’s your favorite city to visit for a weekend trip and why?

Brussels. It is high end, low end, rich and poor, it is friction, it´s Jazz.


Do you have a favorite denim brand?

Nudie Jeans.


Where is your inspiration coming from?

This sounds weird, but my students.


How much time do you spend on social media? And do you create your own content?

I spend no time on social media and I don’t create my own content.


If you empty your pockets what do we see?

Small change.

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