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  • Jeffry Lek

  • The Hague, The Netherlands

  • Age: 41

  • Instagram ID: thehaguedenim

  • Number of Instagram followers: 17.000

  • Daily work: Master of Advanced Nursing Practice in Mental Health 

My name is Jeffry Lek and I live in The Hague with my wife and kids. I work as a Master of Advanced Nursing Practitioner in Mental Health. We are outdoor people and we love to hike and wander off. Gardening, besides denim, is a hobby with our own allotment here in The Hague. With the misses I love to go to hoenderenhop, vicenzos070 and paard_denhaag for some drinks, food and music.

Which style are you wearing from Butts and Shoulders?
I am wearing The Heritage Boots 5 days in a week since October 2018.

What do you like the most on our product?
What’s not to like? First of all the simple, but strong design. The color of the leather and the fading in time. The boots are made with eye for details and quality. The boots are comfortable and easy to wear since day one.

Which brands do you wear (or using) next to ours?
Benzak Denim Developers, Lee Jeans, Bleu de Chauffe, Iron and White, Comfysocks and Nomad.

What is your favorite store to shop and why?
I love to shop online at Cultizm, great service and a lot of goods to choose. In The Hague I go to Funkiehouse or Baretta. Great fashion for men and nice people!

What’s your favorite city to visit for a weekend trip and why?
I don’t have to far for a nice city trip! Other countries have awesome cities to visit, but I love to go to Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Both cities are really different, but both cities has a great vibe, lovely shops and nice architecture.

Do you have a favorite denim brand?
I would have to say Benzak Denim Developers, Blue Blanket Jeans and Benson Bluelegs. Most brands are awesome and have great quality, but my experience with these three is just great! Details, quality and the people behind the brand!

Where is your inspiration coming from?
I work with people who are not fortunate in life. Some are homeless or have no people to fall back on. That makes me humble and makes me appreciate more what I have. Your life can turnaround at any moment, sometimes even without your own doing. So my work and the people I meet there is a inspiration. Of course my wife and kids, the reason I get up in the morning and doing the things that I love to do. With them the sun is a bit more bright!

How much time do you spend on social media? And do you create your own content?
A bit too much I guess, but a couple of hours for sure. Since the start of my denim feed I work with the lovely and talented fleur_photgrapher to create content. Since a couple of months I have two more photographers, mrhungry_sam and jeffreyvv_photographer.

If you empty your pockets what do we see?
My pill case, because I have ADHD. A brass case from my grandmother. My iphone X with horween leather case from Nomad.

Which person do you recommend to follow on Instagram and why?
I love a couple of feeds for the vibe, the stuff or the person! So check out: koenkuik, dutchdenimrepair, calgeary and rottadenim.

What’s your favorite inspiration quote?
Mental health is not contagious, you can’t catch it by being kind.

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