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The Heritage Post has been a dear friend of our brand from the start. They supported us when we came out with our Travel Bag and along the way our friendship became stronger. Mainly because we share the exact same values in our business and in the fashion industry; quality garments, slow fashion and authenticity. In the latest issue, our co-founder Wouter Munnichs shares his insights in a section called ‘The Rugged Boys’:

Interview with co-founder Wouter Munnichs

“When it comes to denim, Wouter is nobody’s fool. As both an enthousiast and a freelancer, he is deeply rooted within the scene, always informed and for the last nine years he has been sharing his impressions with other denim heads via his blog long-john.nl. ….Wouter worked for a major shoe brand for a while and back then, he also met his current business partner(s), with whom he founded Butts and Shoulders six years ago, a brand selling shoes of undyed leather that starts out light and pale and over time acquires its own patina.

We gladly share some photo’s of the March edition of The Heritage Post, but we highly recommend to buy the issue. You can buy the latest issue for €9,50 at theheritagepost.com.


Other post on our blog about The Heritage Post:

Recommend piece in The Heritage Post

– Thanks @heritagepost for the feature

Make sure you check out the lovely instagram feed of The Heritage Post. They feature the latest and the greatest brands and developments.

We are always on the look out for great partners that share our values. If you want to feature one of our products or if you want to highlight our brand we are happy to get in touch. Please contact Wouter via wouter@buttsandshoulders.com. We also offer our blog to promote your brand if we think it fits the needs and values of our followers.

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