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Long John is an online magazine established in 2011 by Wouter Munnichs. Also one of the co-founders of Butts and Shoulders. Long John shares daily the latest news about denim and high-quality made products. You can explore the latest (denim) trends, meet (denim) people, find the most outstanding pieces and stores and see what’s happening in the industry. Long John is a perfect guide to give you more knowledge, by showing you all the ins and outs, from outstanding goods and unique initiatives. The core of the content is focussed on denim.



On the 11th of November Long John shared an article about The Weekender. You can read all about it on this blog. Earlier Long John also shared articles about:

Check out Long John’s blog at www.long-john.nl and have a look at his great t-shirts as well.


Freelance Denim Support

Next to exposure on Long John it’s also possible to use his expertise for marketing and branding projects. Besides being a co-founder of Butts and Shoulders and running the Long John magazine he is also working as a freelance denim specialist for brand and retail. As a freelancer he is using more than 25 years of knowledge in the denim, footwear and lifestyle industry (click here to see his experiences). The specialties of Wouter:

  • Creating unique brand attention
  • Offline and online traffic booster
  • Creative and innovative brand and retail concepts
  • Organising special (retail) events
  • Set-up win win collabs and partnerships
  • Denim workshops (for store and brand staff)
  • Social Media and blog support (content)
  • Sparring Partner
  • Connecting (with brands, retailers and (denim) influencers)



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