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Our New Fans

One of our latest Butts and Shoulders fans is Dutch musician Douwe Bob. In fact, not only Douwe is a fan, his entire band fell in love with our brand. On the 20th of April we were invited to visit them backstage during the Dutch festival ‘Paas Pop’ in Schijndel, The Netherlands. Paas Pop is a yearly event that captures three days International stars as Within Temptation, Scooter and National stars such as Ronnie Flex, Ilse de Lange, to name just a few.

Musician Douwe Bob

Douwe Bob became famous after winning in August 2012 the first price of the talent show ‘Best songwriter of The Netherlands’. In 2016, he represented the Eurovisie Songfestival. He finished at the 11th place in this popular contest.

Denim Days Festival in Amsterdam

During the last edition of the Denim Days Festival in Amsterdam, we launched our new boots style, which is called: The Heritage Boots. The Heritage Boots style is our latest pair of boots that are made with the authentic Goodyear Welted construction. Like all our boots this style has a classic and timeless design, made from natural vegetable tanned leather. Leather that will age which use, so each wear day makes these boots more beautiful.

When Douwe Bob spotted our boots during the launch on the event he immediately felt in love. He swapped his shoes on the spot into a pair of our Heritage boots and kept them on since then. On his Instagram account you can see that he really enjoys this style, he wears them on stage, but also during his motorcycle trips. It was love at first sight!

A Few Months Later

After a few months of intense wear, Douwe contacted us that his band got so excited about his pair, and the aging of it, that they want to wear them too. And so the chats through Instagram started how to manage to meet Douwe again and for the first time his band. He suggested to come over to Paas Pop, so we could meet them all together backstage. The 20th of April it was the day, we went to Schijndel and entered the festival with a selection of our Classic and Heritage boots.

Douwe Bob and the band couldn’t be happier seeing us walking with boxes loaded with some ‘leather gold’. Immediately when we dropped the boxes on the floor, they opened them as little kids during X-Mass. Excited as they were they made their choices very quick, and all of them fitted perfectly. Of course, during the fitting we had a beer, or two, so we had a really good time!

The Concert

After some beers, and the right sizes for the boots, they went up on stage to do their magic music performance. The crowd went crazy when Douwe and his band played their iconic songs. It was a true pleasure to see them rockin’ the stage as true rock & rollers, of course, dressed in our boots.

Proud as we were we enjoyed the entire show and went home with a big smile on our faces. We’re looking forward to seeing updates of the aging process of their boots that will join their rock and roll lifestyle! To be continued…



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