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We Proudly Present Our New Heritage Boots

Everyone needs a big brother. We decided to give our very successful Classic Boots a follow-up. We launched our Classic Boots three years ago, so it’s time for a next step. Last January we already showed our first sample of our Heritage Boots in Berlin. The reactions of the retailers were overwhelming, so we couldn’t wait to get them in production. As Fall is slowly kickin’ in it’s the perfect timing to introduce the new boots, so you are prepared for the heavy rain, storm and snow in the Winter.

Goodyear Welted Construction

We always strive to create the best of the best. In footwear that means creating a style that last long and get better with age. That’s why we embraced again the authentic Goodyear Welted construction. The production method that means that your boots will shape to your own feet. They’re also re-soleable if needed in the future. The sole is developed by us and is inspired by the original American workwear boots. It gives you extra grip while wearing them on your daily mission.

Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather

The Heritage Boots are made of natural vegetable tanned leather. This is the signature of our brand. This type of leather is the most pure leather, as there isn’t any chemicals or colour added in the tanning process. The outcome of the leather is clean, but very strong. While wearing these boots the leather will change. All the marks from weather and stains will change the colour of the leather. It will slowly change into a warm cognac colour. Every pair will be different, and therefore unique in the end. Like our Classic Boots, the production took place in an small and authentic factory in Portugal with true craftsmen and women. As they also produce our Classic Boots we know they are the right partner to create the best of the best. They have a strong reputation of producing high-quality made boots. Especially for the army.
As always we developed our own last again to get the right shape. This is very uncommon, but we only want it the right way instead of being a copycat. Again we placed some handwork on the sides of the boots which gives them some extra character. The eyelets have the same colour as the speed hooks. And we added a second black lace too, so you can choose which one to use.

The First Run

The boots are designed in The Netherlands in our own atelier and produced in Portugal. The first run are only 100 pairs. We stamped them all with an unique number as the rest of our footwear collection. The size range runs from 6 UK to 12 UK. Go check out if your size is still available!

Lightweight Custom Made Rubber Sole
Complete your denim with natural leather
Goodyear Welted, the best durability ever

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