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Last month we launched our new family member: leather sandals. These sandals are a perfect addition to the rest of our Butts and Shoulders collection. When we launched our brand a few years ago we started with our ultimate Travel Bag. We developed this beauty as we couldn’t find the right bag for our travels. After this very successful launch, we developed more bags as the Worker Bag and Post Bag. We’re making these bags in our small studio in The Netherlands. Small runs to ensure the quality and made by hand.

Handmade leather footwear

The next step with our Butts and Shoulders brand was to launch some handmade footwear styles. We started with a Boot, made with the authentic Goodyear Welted construction. As this style was so popular from day one, we came up with the idea to make our ultimate sneaker too. The core idea and motives for our brand is that we want to bring unique, long-lasting and high-quality made products. Products that support the slow movement instead of the fast fashion business. Leather garments we use for ourselves with pride. And they will get better and better with use. That’s why we use natural vegetable tanned leather as the core for our products.

The Butts And Shoulders Sandals

The idea to launch our ultimate sandals came from the fact that we want to walk on leather in hot days too. Especially the natural leather will age so beautiful during sunny days. We know that in Europe it’s cold at the moment, but there’re parts in the world where the sun is shining all year around. For the sole of the sandals, we created a lightweight EVA outsole with our logo inprinted. The same as our sneaker sole. The sole of the sandals have an extra comfortable memory foam mid-sole. This is extremely soft to your feeth.

Made in Portugal

Just like our other footwear the sandals are also stitched by hand in a small factory in Portugal. Each sandal has an unique stamped number to make them more special. The sandals are available from size 37.5 to size 47. You can wear the sandals to your favorite club when you go out, or during daytime to your favorite beachclub. Let the Summer begin!

The Concept Of The Sandals Promo Movie

It’s a bit of tradition that we create with every special Butts and Shoulders product an unique movie. This to promote our latest creation on a different way than others. The concept of our Sandals movie is ‘Out of Office’. The idea of this concept came from the fact that we love to support the slow movement, in fashion, but also in daily life. We stimulate people to live their life on a sustainable way, which means do what you like and don’t make to many sacrifices. Go on adventure, make new friends, explore new beaches. Live life to the fullest!

So no difficult business meetings, but take some time for yourself, relax. Go out of office!


Watch the Butts and Shoulders Slippers movie:




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